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All Products Except LIMITED EDITION SHOES Can be Customized Online.

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Customize and order luxury men's shoes online:

With our 3D online customization, you can customize and order high-quality luxury shoes, bags, and accessories online. Hundreds of colors, materials, styles, and features are available to satisfy your taste to order your custom-made shoes. 

Buy Goodyear Welt Shoes: 

Goodyear welt shoes, the sign of wealth, and luxury footwear require high-skill craftsmanship to produce. It is the most advanced method of shoe construction that involves 150 processes. The flexible cork that is used at the bottom of the shoes takes the shape of the owner's foot after a while and makes the shoes very comfortable. The cork together with stitches (that are located outside the shoes) makes the shoes water-resistant, durable, and comfortable.

The Men’s shoes in our Goodyear welt shoes collection are::

  • Luxurious
  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable

Buy Patina Shoes:

MERRIMIUM unrivaled modern patina craftsmanship infuses each pair of shoes with a truly unique and aged effect, showcasing the epitome of Luxury. Meticulously applying dyes by hand, our skilled artisans employ a range of techniques using brushes, cloths, and sponges to create an individualized look for every shoe. We take great pride in collaborating with the finest patina artists in Europe, ensuring unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

We offer the following in our Patina shoes collection:

Regular Patina Shoes: 

Brush-stroke effect on the leather available in a range of colors Denim (blue), Grey, Cognac (light brown), Dark Brown, Purple, Burgundy, Khaki (green), Turquoise

Papiro Patina Shoes:

Intriguing "criss-cross" patterns are available in a range of colors like regular Patina

Marble Patina Shoes:

Resembles the finish of a marble slab, and are available in eight different colors like Papiro and Regular

Museum Patina:

ShoesThe museum pattern produces amazing shades of light and dark on the leather. 

Camo Patina Shoes:

Military-inspired patterns are offered in Grey, Brown, Denim, Burgundy (red) and Khaki (Green)

Patina Combination:

Using our 3D customization software, you can order shoes, combining different Patina for different parts of the shoes together with different leather and cloth materials and colors.

Buy Men's shoes with a Burnished effect:

Burnish is the term for adding an antiqued effect on leather shoes to create a variation in shades. Burnishing helps in giving the shoes a look of superior quality and exclusiveness.

Buy men’s Wide-width and Large-size (Plus size) Shoes:

We offer men Goodyear Welt shoes in 3 widths. Normal Width (D), Extra Wide EE (D+9mm), and Triple Wide EEE (D+13.5mm). Moreover, we make large-size shoes 45, 46, 47,48,49, 50

Buy High heels men's shoes:

For Goodyear production, two heel options are available. The standard heel is approximately 26 mm (1 inch). And with the higher heel, you can add up to 8 mm (0.34 inch) in height for a total of 34 mm (1.34 inch).

Order flexible men's dress shoes:

Flexible soles use new components and technology so that the resulting shoe is very flexible. A Goodyear welt shoes with a flexible sole is very comfortable, flexible, and easy to wear.

Order beveled waist men's shoes:

Our ‘Violin’ shaped sole for Goodyear Welted shoes, featuring a beveled narrow waist with metal toe taps, epitomizes luxury and supreme craftsmanship.

Buy men's boots with fur lining:

Stay warm in cold weather by adding Fur Lining to your shoes. The thick lining also adds cushion, which makes wearing them extra comfortable. Fur Lining is available for Chukka Boot, Jumper Boot, and Military Brogue Boot

Order Stencile men's shoes

Stenciling is a technique for reproducing designs by passing ink or paints over holes cut in cardboard or metal onto the surface of shoe leather to be decorated. This handmade technique is carried out pair by pair in our shoes workshop.

Digital printing on men's shoes:

With Digital Printing you can customize Sneakers with any image you choose. We offer a comprehensive repository of dozens of graffiti backgrounds, images, patterns, and stickers which can be printed on trainers and sneakers. You can also submit your own images.

Engraved initials on the men’s shoes:

Elevate your MERRIMIUM experience with our exclusive embossing service, allowing you to personalize your shoes with initials on the shoe heel

Embroidered initials on men’s shoes:

Men’s Slippers can be designed with embroidered initials (monograms) on the side and upper vamp by using our 3D Designing tool.