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A Swiss Luxury Clothing Brand Made in Europe. 🌍 Global Appeal: Join a brand with an international reputation for luxury, craftsmanship and customization through online 3D software. Delight your audiences with products that surpass their expectations in quality and uniqueness. 🤝 Lucrative commission: Our partners earn an average of 65 US dollars per successful sale. 1. Tier 1 Plus: 15% commission to affiliates, 15% discount to customers 2. Tier 1 Gold: 15% commission to affiliates, no discount to customers 3. Tier 2 Plus: 20% commission to affiliates, 15% discount to customers 4. Tier 2 Gold: 20% commission to affiliates, no discount to customers 🎁 Additional Perks: - All affiliates receive 20% lifetime discount on MERRIMIUM products - After 10 successful sales, affiliates are eligible for an exclusive free gift - Top affiliates will be invited to our events as a full board guest Requirements: - Have Business social account or public creator - Have more than 1k followers

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  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Gifting
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We operate on the Shopify Collab platform. By joining us, you'll enjoy exposure to a vast network of 4.8 million online stores and brands, enhancing your visibility in the market. You may read more at the following link: www.shopify.com/collabs

Success Stories

  • "After making a few sales my sales increased exponentially as the shoes were top quality. People started to recommend MERRIMIUM to their family and friends using my discount code. Word of mouth skyrocketed my commission." Daniel K.
  • "It is easier to attract customers' trust with a well-established Luxury Swiss Brand." Ding W.
  • "MERRIMIUM keeps affiliate tracking for 3 years. I received a recurring commission thanks to MERRIMIUM's Excellent products and customer Service." Julia B.
  • "The available high-quality media material makes your life way too easy... "Mohammad A.​​​​​​​
  • "MERRIMIUM's high rate and excellent customer reviews make it easier to convert the prospect into a customer." Jason M.
  • "Thrilled to be a part of MERRIMIUM's affiliate program! With their global appeal and high-quality products, it's an excellent opportunity to share luxury with my audience and earn substantial commissions. Joining was a game-changer for me!" Amanda P.

  • "As a Tier 2 Plus affiliate, I've not only earned impressive commissions but also enjoyed a lifetime 20% discount on MERRIMIUM products. It's a win-win—elevate your content with luxury and boost your income!" Toni A.

  • "MERRIMIUM's affiliate program is top-notch! The partnership tiers offer flexibility, and the additional perks, like exclusive gifts and event invitations, make it even more enticing. I highly recommend joining for a premium experience." Harish B.

  • "Joining MERRIMIUM's affiliate program was a smart move! The diverse commission structures and the opportunity to switch between discount options provide a tailored experience. Elevate your affiliate game with MERRIMIUM." Stefano G.

  • "Being a Tier 1 Gold affiliate has been incredible. The 15% commission with no discount to customers ensures great earnings, and the exclusivity of MERRIMIUM products adds a touch of luxury to my affiliate marketing. Highly recommend!" Jamal H.