Architect a style that represents your personality and personal brand.

Have you ever thought how it feels as a kid to be able to put on the shirts, socks, bags and shoes that you have drawn and colored on paper? As a kid you will most probably enjoy wearing what you have created with your imagination and passion. In fact, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ― Dr. Seuss, children's author, political cartoonist, and animator (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991)

MERRIMIUM is founded in Zurich, Switzerland with a rebellious spirit to provide people the opportunity to make and wear unique handmade leather products. The idea was to fuse 3D technology with the old art of leather craftsmanship to assist our customer to build their personal brand and unique style. Our top leather artisans are majorly located in Spain and Portugal. Our clients are trend-setters who would like to be followed rather than follow others. They want their wearing style become an important part of their personal brand to set themselves apart from the crowd.

We have employed 3D technology combined with excellent craftsmanship of leather artisans in Europe to offer our clients endless possibilities (50 billion) to design their exclusive style.

Use your imagination and design it with 3D technology. We deliver your art in high quality.  Let's stand out with class!